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Small Systematic Steps

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ithoughtMFD is a leading personal finance product company from Chennai. We assist investors by bringing the right investments to their fingertips. In an age of churn, trading, and robot advisers, we follow the timeless strategy of buying investments and watching them grow to their full potential. The most important ingredient in an investment success story is time, not money. Staying the course through systematic and consistent investments will help you cross the finish line. We help young entrepreneurs and working professionals fuel their dreams by starting early.

Mutual Funds

We provide products in Equity, Gold, Debt and Liquid Mutual Funds

Fixed Deposits

Corporate FD’s ranging from 1 to 5 years


High-quality Credit, Corporate and PSU Bonds


Term, Health and General Insurance

Client Testimonials
Jaya S Raja Client Testimonial ithoughtMFD

Jaya S Raja

I was a newbie to the investing world. ithoughtMFD provided personalized suggestions and investment plans through very competent professionals who were willing to take that extra time to make sure I was comfortable with my investments. I am very happy to have been associated with them for the past 3 years.

Jaya S Raja

Varnam Art School

Eashwar Indrajit

Excellent service. The funds suggested by the team performed really well and grew at a steady rate. Highly recommended for early investors with long term financial goals.

Eashwar Indrajit

Digital Marketing, Ayatiworks

Mr. Ponnuchamy Mahalingam

They are customer-centric and professional. I am with this firm for nearly 2 years and very satisfied with their services so far. They are easily accessible and very prompt in replying to our questions. The best thing is they don’t give you any false promises and very practical in returns. All the best for the young and energetic team and Mr Shyam. Good luck !

Mr. Ponnuchamy Mahalingam

Journalist, Singapore
Prasad-J Client Testimonial ithoughtMFD

Prasad J

My friend highly recommended the services of ithoughtMFD and he was perfectly right. I was so impressed from my first visit itself and I was amazed to learn their knowledge and skills. Their approach towards my needs and goals were simply fantastic and I am happy see that commitments are getting fulfilled. Their professional skills make me comfortable and they are approachable anytime. I am highly pleased and wish them all continued success.

Prasad J

Retiree, Chennai

Gobindnoor Kaur

The members are really knowledgeable, patient and highly professional. Their expertise shows up in their work. I have recently started my wealth management plan with ithoughtMFD and I feel that I am at the right place.

Gobindnoor Kaur

Doctor, Chandigarh
Vibeesh-S Client Testimonial ithoughtMFD

Vibeesh Sampath

Investing is all about minimising risk and maximising returns is the popular saying. However, not everyone understands that it’s about undertaking the right amount of risk to maximise returns in accordance with YOUR goals. The people at ithoughtMFD understand this and the gap in the financial knowledge that exists currently among individuals and are continuously striving to bridge the same. Clueless, amateur, or veteran, it’s always good to have multiple opinions and no better place to go for that than ithoughtMFD!

Vibeesh Sampath

Research Associate at Venture Intelligence





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