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ithoughtMFD is a leading mutual fund distributor. Our mission is to work closely with young working professionals and entrepreneurs to grow their wealth. Starting early, staying consistent, scaling up, and working to a plan will get you from where you are to where you want to be. Our service allows you to execute investment decisions within minutes on your phone. You can track and monitor your portfolio on the go. Our client service team will keep you tuned to the right opportunities at every turn.

What makes ithoughtMFD special?

  Superior Research
  Sensible Strategy
  Sustained Service

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Why ithoughtMFD?

Investing often comes across as a tedious and overwhelming process. For a non-finance professional, the sheer volume of options and jargon can be a barrier. At the end of the day, if you want your money to be working harder than you are – you’ve got to invest it. At ithoughtMFD, our client service team understands your needs and narrows down your options to what works for you and your goals. We help you achieve your goals with the help of mutual funds.

Most investors lose out because of switching strategies before they mature. The key to wealth creation is consistency and patience. In the age of technology and disruption, the ithoughtMFD way to wealth creation is classic and adaptable. We select mutual fund investments for you based on your risk profile, investment horizon, and objectives. Our curated long-term investment strategies allow you to watch the seeds of your investments grow into fruit bearing trees. We have cutting edge technology that enables you to make informed investment decisions anytime and anywhere.

With us, investing can be a no-fuss straightforward process. Save time and save money. Stay up to date and stay invested with ithoughtMFD.

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