Wealth Creation During Navaratri

There are different interpretations of Navaratri, but there is one unifying theme: the victory of good over evil. Navaratri is celebrated across India and honours the nine forms of Durga Devi. On each of the nine days, we worship one form of Durga Devi. This Navaratri let’s learn how to manage our wealth by absorbing qualities and lessons from the nine Devis.

Financial Planning

Shailaputri is the daughter of the mountain. She’s poised to act, with a clear mind, and a Trishul in hand. We can develop this level of clarity by working with a financial plan. Financial planning creates clarity, develops decisions, and inspires introspection.

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Financial Minimalism

Brahmacharini is the unmarried representation of Goddess Parvati. She embodies austerity and a sense of contentment. Financial minimalism demonstrates that less is more. Shedding excesses could pave the way for meaningful living. Do away with financial excesses by following a budget.

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Risk Management

Chandraghanta is vigilant and seeks peace and prosperity. To manage risks well, you must be vigilant. When financial risks are effectively managed, peace and prosperity follow. For your financial well-being, create contingency buffers and insure yourself.

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Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Kushmanda is the fourth manifestation of Durga Devi. She is often depicted as the creator of life. Life evolves in small systematic steps. To bring your wealth creation journey to life, you must have a systematic investment plan.

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Investing for Children’s Education

Skandamata, as her name suggests, is Skanda’s or Kartikeya’s mother. She expresses a mother’s strength and desire to protect her children.

We all want to give our children the best future possible. One way we can do that is to save for their higher education.

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Strategic & Tactical Asset Allocation

Katyayani is the all-seeing warrior Goddess. She employs strategies and tactics to win battles. The most potent weapon in your wealth creation arsenal is asset allocation. Strategic asset allocation works with the big picture. Whereas, tactical asset allocation takes advantage of market opportunities.

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Behavioural Finance

Kalaratri is fierce. She can be both benevolent and destructive. How we respond to market movements can either nurture or destroy wealth. By channelling Kaalaratri, we can take tough calls like selling unprofitable investments or growing investments that haven’t yet proved their mettle. Even successful investors struggle with managing behaviour. One way to cultivate the right investment behaviours and habits is to work with a professional.

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Investment Review

Mahagauri is subtle and endearing. She embodies liberation and symbolises the process of unlearning and relearning. We always make investment decisions amidst uncertainty and limited knowledge. So, it’s natural to make mistakes. Learning from and correcting them is more important. An investment review highlights the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

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Financial Literacy

Siddhidatri is the final avatar of the nine forms of Goddess Durga. She exemplifies eternal wisdom and is a master of knowledge and skill. We know that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. So, we can multiply wealth by growing our knowledge.

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