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With advancements in technology, it’s easy to compare and purchase an insurance product online. So, does it make sense to have an agent?

If we couldn’t find a way to add value to you and your family, we wouldn’t be here. The advantages of having an agent are:

Ram wants to take up life and health insurance. Let us look at the 2 possible approaches he could take, i.e., going through a professional vs purchasing it online on his own.

Professional Online
Choosing the right policy Choosing what is right for you Decide on their own
Understand the product Easy explanation of jargons and fine print Do own reading
Choosing the cover amount Exact cover to protect risks Ballpark cover based on premiums
Timeline to select policy 1 – 3 days 1 day
Processing Professional will coordinate and assist Upload on their own and coordinate through helpline
Service and Claim Settlements Quick service& assistance with queries/ claims No direct contact, must contact through customer care or websites

How to go about the process

The process will include requirement of certain documents of proposer to initiate and take up the insurance:

Documentation Checklist to get started:

Term Life insurance

The process will include the following:

  • Require documents – PAN, Address proof, ITR/Payslips, Photo, Cancelled cheque leaf
  • Initiating the proposal and uploading of documents on to the portal
  • Payment of premium after reviewing the proposal. (The premium is subject to change depending on the outcome of the medical report)
  • Fixing up of medicals and underwriting of the medical report
  • Policy will be issued and active based on the outcome of the medicals.

Health and General insurances

  • Requirement of ID proof and Address proof
  • Initiating the proposal and uploading of documents on to the portal
  • Payment of premium and fixing up medical test (for health – if required by the insurer) and the policy gets issued.

The claim process

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